Finally, the Cave was quiet and Conner could be at peace. Most of the team had gone home for the day, M’gann and La’gaan were out on a date somewhere and Gar was busy writing an essay in his room. He made his way to the TV room, half expecting Gar to be there claiming that he was on a “break”. Luckily, it was empty and he took the liberty of throwing himself onto the couch and stretching out completely. His head ached but it’s not like he was tired physically, he just needed a good night’s rest. For the past three weeks, sleep evaded him till the early moments of the day when the birds started chirping again. During those long hours he would replay both happy and sad moments in his head: the first time he kissed M’gann; his and M’gann’s first break up; the fourth and final break up; when he kissed Jaime while playing video games; and when Jaime left him to return home. The last one truly got to him.

Conner furrowed his brow as he bit his lip and turned onto his side to face the couch cushions. He likes to think that he lives each day without regrets outside of his relationship with M’gann but Jaime… it tore him up inside thinking of how he treated him over the past days. As a reserved individual, Conner would acknowledge a person when he saw them but when it came to Jaime, he had this impulse to ignore him and pretend to see right through him. When given the option to choose his squad, Conner would opt for anyone except Jaime. He even chose La’gaan for a mission, which turned out to be quite civil for the most part. No one said anything but Conner felt as if all eyes were on them and he was just a subject to be judged. Conner’s stomach churned and knotted with guilt as he bit down harder on his lip just enough to break the skin.

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    Conner’s grin widened with the grope and the sound of Jaime’s laughter. He held the kiss for longer, savoring the taste...
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    HE laughed as the door opened and he was ushered out. He dared a quick grope at Conner’s backside before snapping his...